Our founders Alex Libin and Edward Khodorkovsky have over 25 years of combined experience in industries that require temperature monitoring, with 5 years working in the transportation-logistics segment. Alex has 11 years of experience in the protein and produce industries with extended knowledge of United States, Asia Pacific (APAC) and Russian Federation processing practices.

Alex earned his MBA from The Ohio State University and has worked with protein and produce manufacturers as well as companies in the medical and life sciences segments, and consulted several companies on S&OP’s and procurement for their logistics departments.

Edward has been working in the agricultural and medical industries for over 15 years with a primary focus on Eastern European and United States markets. Edward earned an electrical engineering degree and has managed multiple projects that include the construction of cold and dry storage facilities, as well as manufacturing facilities ranging from pork to poultry and further processed foods.

Edward has also consulted several international companies that manufacture and distribute thermo containers and temperature indicators on their business development processes and efficiencies. .